Information on Cowboy Day

Parents;  Just a reminder that Friday, October 20 will be our first parent field trip.   We will be having cowboy day at the fairgrounds.  We will all meet at the fairgrounds at 10:00.  Your child can dress up like a cowboy.  We will learn a little about horses and go for a ride.  There will also be other cowboy activities for the children.   Siblings may attend.  The fairgrounds require an equine liability waiver to be signed by parents of all participants.  I will have that for you on Monday or Tuesday.  Please sign and return it to me.  Also the cost is $5.00/child.   Please put the $5.00 per child in an envelope and write the names of the children that will be riding on the front of the envelope.   Please bring this to me before Friday.  Do not give the money to Dusti.  I will write her a check.  Thanks.  Hope to see you all there.  It is a lot of fun!.

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