Family Field Trip to Glenwood Caverns

Parents;  Just a few updates on our family field trips.  Glenwood Caverns actually changed our times for the cave tours.  We will h(allow time to ride the tram and go to the bathroom- about 20 minutes)ave three different groups.  I tried to keep the classes together as best I could.  The group lists are attached.  At the top of each group, you will notice the time to meet at the music stage.  This is at the top of the tram and so you will need to leave enough time to ride the tram to the top and go to the bathroom before meeting at the music stage.  Please note I have designated one parent as group leader, highlighted in yellow, if you could please make sure that parents make it to the meeting place at the designated time, I would appreciate it.

If you are in group two or three your tour will be a little later.  You can go ahead and meet at the tram at 10:00 and then spend the extra time at the top riding rides, or if you prefer, you can come a little later.  I will pay and leave a checklist at the tram so the cashier will know that you have already paid to get in.   At either rate please make sure you are at the music stage at the time noted for your group .   Also please make sure if you do not attend you let me know before 9:45 so that I do not pay for your family.

To ride the rides, pay at the cashier in the gift shop at the top.  After the tours, your child will be able to pan for gems, look for this activity somewhere in front of the gift shop.  Because of the way they scheduled the tours, I may not see some of you, have fun and stay as long as you would like. Hopefully we will have good weather and an awesome time.  Also make sure the children dress warm enough and wear good walking shoes.  No strollers or  backpacks.  If you have any questions, please call me at 970-625-0919.

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