Monthly Calendar & Notes

Graduation Drive Through Parade

Parents; Since the children did not get to have their end of the year graduation party, I thought it would be fun for each class to drive through to pick up their diplomas and gifts. I would like to do each class separately. I was thinking this Thursday May 21. The Monday/Wednesday morning class will come at 10:00. The Monday/Wednesday afternoon class will come at 11:00 and the Tuesday/Thursday morning class will come at 12:00. Everybody can stay in their car and form a line around the cul-de-sac with the first car stopping in front of my drive way. I will hand the children their packets and wave and blow kisses. Encourage the children to wave at each other as they drive by. Later this summer, when we see how things are going with covid, I would like to have a play date for each class. I will get in touch with you then. Please text me and let me know you received this and if you can make it. If you can’t make it, I will try to drop off the gifts to your house. Thanks and thanks for a wonderful year with your dear sweet children.


Parents; here is a link to a pbs newsletter on the importance of learning about patterns for young children. The newsletter also has some great ideas to include patterns in your daily play. Enjoy


School Closures/Registration for next school year.

As most of you know, Governor Polis recently announced guidelines for slowly relaxing the stay at home orders and restrictions on businesses. His recommendations for schools, however, remain the same. In keeping with this, Garfield County RE 2 school district is continuing with on-line learning till the end of the year. In holding with Governor Polis’ recommendations, I have decided to remain closed for the month of May. This is so hard because I will not get to finish the school year with those who go to kindergarten next year, but I feel like the risk is just too great for three weeks of school.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel at Cozy Corner Preschool with Ms. Debbie Laudick, I will try to post activities every day or so. Also, the curriculum offered through Scholastic and PBS, have some wonderful learning activities. Please continue to have your child practice writing their name, letter/number recognition, counting and anything your child is interested in.

I will put together your child’s portfolio and a gift for them and will drop it off at your front step towards the end of May. Please let the children know that I love them and miss them!!!!!

For those of you who have children returning next year, If you can download the registration forms from my website, fill them out and return them to me at 686 Mesa Ct., along with the registration fee, when I receive them, I will register them for classes for next fall. I will not have a registration open house, but I will have a back to school night in the fall. Please remember that Health Evaluation forms do need to be signed by a doctor. If you have any questions, please call me at 970-625-0919.

P.S. Thanks for everything parents, you are all incredible and I appreciate getting to know you and your dear children. I hope the best for everyone, please stay well. Love Ms. Debbie

Activities for Preschoolers

Hey parents hope all is going well for you. Please find attached an activity sheet for you and your children. Also I posted a fun science activity you can do with your children on my Youtube channel at Cozy Corner Preschool with Ms. Debbie Laudick. I hope you are enjoying these. Please remember to participate in the community helper challenge. Love you all.

Happy Earth Day!!!!

Parents PBS Kids Daily Newsletter has some incredible activities to do with the children for Earth Day. I encourage you to subscribe to this newsletter. also I have attached a recycling activity that you can do. Also see the Scholastic letter about the on-line magazine. You can look at the videos about recycling and plants. So much fun spring learning. Hope to see you soon.