Monthly Calendar & Notes

May Newsletter

I want to thank you parents for an amazing year. I can not believe the school year is almost over. I want to thank you for letting me a part of your child’s education. I hope that they will remember preschool with fond memories, I know I will. I love you all and hope the best for all.

Glenwood Cavern Field Trip

Parents; Just a reminder this Friday is our family field trip to the Glenwood Caverns. We have had to add another cave tour to accomodate all those attending (please see the updated schedule) Unfortunately, they did not have another private tour, so one group will have to attend a public tour. This should not be an issue as we can enjoy the rides while we are waiting for the final tour. The public tours are first come first serve so be aware of announcements for the tours. Also, please be at the gondola a little bit before 10:00, especially those in the first cave tour. If you are late and I am not there, check at the ticket counter for your tickets. Please remember to pack a lunch if you would like. Those that are in groups 1 – 3, please meet at the gazebo at the top at the time noted for your tour. If you have any questions, please call me at 970-625-0919 (this is my cell phone also)

April Calendars

Wow April already! Here are the April Calendars. You will see that we will be having our first family field trip in a while. We will be going to Glenwood Caverns. I will send home more information soon. When we have family field trips, we meet at the destination. Parents are responsible for transportation and supervision. This is one of my favorite field trips, I hope everyone will attend. See you soon.

Pajama Party

Parents; We have been putting an emphasis on reading, reading, reading, here at school and hopefully at home. With that in mind, we will have our pajama party this Wednesday and Thursday. The children my wear their pajamas to school and bring a favorite stuffed toy and their pillows. We will have a fun reading day with popcorn and pillows. Thanks for all your fun support.