Monthly Calendar & Notes

Preschool Activities

Parents; please find attached ideas to help with preparing for the Covid-19 and also activities to be using for your child. Use every opportunity to make a game out of learning shapes, colors, counting, letters, numbers, patterns and sorting. Children love to help. Teach shapes while folding towels. Count stairs as you walk up and down them. Look for letters on the cereal box. Talk about letter sound and shape. Sort utensils while setting the table. Sort toys when picking up. Also practice patterns and phone numbers. Have fun. I miss you all so much. Tell the kiddos hi for me. I hope to see you real soon; I’m going through preschool withdrawal.

In home learning

Parents; I hope everyone is staying healthy! I can’t tell you how much I miss my preschoolers. When I go down into the preschool, it makes me cry. The school district has extended their closures to April 17th. The number of students I have falls below the mandated restriction of 10 persons, however, I am still nervous about reopening. I would welcome your feedback parents, and of course we would continue to observe how Covid-19 is affecting the community. In the meantime here is a link that you may use to continue learning at home. Love you all so much!

School Closures

Parents; Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Colorado, today Garfield County RE 2 School District announced that they would be canceling school March 16-19, 2020, prior to spring break. After taking into consideration the school district’s decision and consultation with Garfield County Health, I have determined to do the same. The safety and well=being of my students and their families is my top priority. If you have any questions, or concerns, please let me know. Thanks