Important Reminders

Wow parents;   we have a lot going on in the next two months.  First just a reminder, we are going to the library Wednesday and Thursday.  I need parent volunteers to drive and supervise.  If your child already has his blue book bag and library card, send it with them on Wednesday and Thursday.

Second, I need a head count for participants to the Glenwood Caverns.   Please let me know how many will attend and have your $7/ person to me by Thursday April 12.   If you plan on riding any rides, there is a discount for the school.  I will let you sign the waiver at the caverns and pay for the rides there.  We will meet at the tram at the bottom at 10:00 a.m. .   You can take a lunch and eat there also.



Parent Support

Parents; The Colorado State Organization Colorado Shines has adopted a new guideline on the amount of surface material required under playground equipment.  This new guideline requires 9 inches so I will be adding new pea gravel to the playground.  Because of this, I will need to add a new barrier to keep the pea gravel in place.   I was hoping that I could enlist the help of  three fathers to help build a small barrier.   The preschool can purchase the material.  I was thinking that each parent could build a section of 8′ x 2′ it would probably only take about two hours.   I can put the barriers in place.  Please let me know if you would be willing to help me out.   Thanks so much.

April Family Field Trip to Glenwood Caverns

Parents;  Our April Family Field Trip will be to the Glenwood Caverns.  It will be on April 20 and we will meet at the tram at the bottom at 10:00.   If you plan to attend, Please have your $7.00/person, including adults, to me by April 15.  After our cave tour, the children get to pan for gems.  The rides are at a reduced rate of $3.00.  If you want to ride some of the rides, I will let you buy the tickets at the gift shop at the top.   You can carry a sack lunch to eat in the picnic area.