Learning about Italy

Today we conducted an experiment that Galileo Galilei performed in 1589.
We dropped two different sizes of balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We discovered that the balls fell at the same speed, despite their size.

Field Trip to City Hall

Parents our field trip on Wednesday is to Rifle City Hall. We will be leaving the preschool at 9:00 for the morning class and 1:00. for the afternoon class. The Thursday children will join the Wednesday children for the field trip. Thursday children please show up at 8:45 for the morning class and 12:45 for the afternoon class. I also will need parent volunteers for driving and supervision.

Also, beginning this week, I will start providing the drinks for preschool so you will not need to provide a drink. Please make sure that you bring two different food groups, I.e. one item that is from the grain group and one item that is from the dairy group or fruit group or protein group or vegie group. Thanks so much.

January Calendars

Hello parents; I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break and you all are staying healthy! First day of school for the new year is January 7. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and beginning a new year of learning. Please find attached your January calendars. See you soon.

Circus Parade and Party

Parents;  Just a reminder this Wednesday and Thursday is our Circus Parade Party.  Children come at regular time and parents are invited back at 10:00 for the a.m. classes and 2:00 for the p.m. class.  Also, the Thursday afternoon class will combine with the Wednesday afternoon class, and  please bring all children at 12:30.   There will be no school on Thursday afternoon.  Thanks  Ms. Debbie