Manner’s Tea Party this Wednesday and Thursday/Fundraiser

Hey parents just a reminder this Wednesday and Thursday is our Manner’s Tea Party.   Please bring a wrapped gift for your child to exchange, around $7.00.  Please make it a gift that can be for a boy or a girl.  Also Thursday p.m. class will have their party on Wednesday p.m. at 2:30.    Hope everyone is doing well on the fundraiser.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Fund Raiser

Parents; Hope the fund raiser is going well for you.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Also just a reminder that  our Manner’s Tea Party is this coming week (see calendar).   Please purchase a gift that can be for either a girl or a boy and wrap it for your child to exchange.

Annual Fall Fund Raiser

Parents; Recently Garfield County DHS has required some changes to our playground fence and that we have a cleanable surface under our snack table.  The changes I am required to make will be about $600.  I am hoping to raise enough from our fall fund raiser to pay for these changes.  I would greatly appreciate your support in this matter.    Employers, Grandparents and neighbors truly enjoy helping schools in the community.  As always thanks so much for your support!!!