Back to School Night

Dear Parents;

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  I can’t believe it is already time to be getting ready for school.  This year we will be having a back to school night on August 23rd..  Please see attached you and your child’s invitation.  Also I have attached a letter with some ideas to help parents and children with separation anxiety.   If you have any questions, please give me a call at 970-625-0919.  Thanks.  See you soon.  Ms. Debbie

Happy Summer!!

Parents;  Attached please see the summary of all parent evaluations.  Per recommendations, we will make available paper copies of the calendar, and continue to use text messaging and e-mails as well.  We hope that this will make communication with each other easier.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer!  The first day of school will be August 27th.  I will be notifying you of our back to school night and other information soon.  I look forward to seeing you.  If you have any questions, please call, 970-625-0919.  Love Ms. Debbie


Preschool Olympics

Parents:  For those of you who will be attending the preschool olympics, the time has changed from 10:00 for the morning classes to 10:30,  and from 2:00 for the afternoon classes to 2:30.  Also please bring your child’s bike helmet.  The children come at regular time.

Just a reminder, our graduation party and programs are on this Wednesday and Thursday.  Children come at the regular time.  Parents are invited at the time noted on the calendars.  Also, please dress your child in denim shorts, capris or skirts.  Please do not do girl’s hair up in pony tails, as we will be wearing hats.